Terms & Conditions


Please read the following before using this website :

1.Website – kidney-universalclinics.in

2.User – anyone visiting the website or accessing information provided therein without registration

3.Client – means any registered user who has created an account for using our services defined hereunder

4.Services – means guidance counseling given for psychological problems and issues that clients face in their day-to-day living, except those associated with Medical diseases and illnesses like severe depression, suicidal thoughts & tendencies, psychiatric or mental disorders, and those who need medication, etc.

5.Privacy Policy –refers to the privacy policy as outlined in this website separately

6.Conditions to the Use of the website :

(a)Usage of this website shall be in compliance with applicable Indian laws

(b)You authorize us to contact you via mobile phone/email provided by you at the time of registration

(c)You may receive SMS / messages on your registered mobile number as part of the communication between the Client and the Website / Guidance counselor, and hereby consent to receive such messages. It is your responsibility to provide the correct mobile number and ensure the privacy of all communication at your end through all such communication tools.

(d)Clients shall ensure that the information provided during the course of guidance and counseling is true, accurate, complete, and up-to-date

(e)You will not impersonate another person while communicating with the website/counselor, at any time and by any communicative means. You are solely responsible for your own behavior, thought patterns, decisions, and actions

(f) You will not share or upload any information that does not belong to you or is hateful, objectionable, obscene, harmful in any way, defamatory or unlawful

(g)Appointments are subject to re-scheduling by the Guidance counselor due to any unforeseen circumstances, communication technology failures, or any other reason beyond our control

(h)We do not endorse any particular theory, practice opinions, or viewpoints that may be referred to while providing services

(i)We shall not be held liable to any technical glitches/difficulties resulting in loss of client data or interruptions in service

(j)This website shall not be used to either host, transmit, copy, store, send, use, publish, distribute material that has or is linked to malware, spyware or computer virus, or any form of malicious software

(k)The liability of this site shall be limited to the number of payments received from the client and by the refund policy of the site.  In no event, the Website will be liable for any kind of incidental, punitive, exemplary, or consequential damages, whether direct or indirect, to the extent permissible by law.

(l)Indemnify the website, its owners and guidance counselors, and staff service providers against any losses, damages, liabilities, and costs arising either from using this website or from negligence or wrongful conduct on your part

(m)Website reserves the right to terminate the Client’s account, which includes deleting all the data and all related information held with the site related to the client, without notice, in the event of a breach of terms laid in as above.

(n)The site has the right to add, delete or modify any of the terms at any time without any prior notice 

(o)The courts of Hyderabad shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the case of any dispute


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