Understanding COVID 19

Dr Kiran Kumar Mukku MD DM Hyderabad – 22 July 2020 What is COVID 19 ? COVID 19 derives its name from the disease caused by the virus named ‘Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome – Corona virus -2 (SARS- CoV 2) ‘which started in the year 2019. Corona viruses are commonly found in humans, dogs, cats […]

Dialysis in COVID times

Dialysis in patients with End Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD) is life saving or life sustaining medical procedure. Dialysis can be Henodialysis  – HD ( blood dialysis) or peritoneal dialysis ( water or home dialysis). The patients on HD need to undergo dialysis at least thrice a week for 4 hours. Ninety nine percent of HD […]

Kidneys – Vacuum cleaners of the body

The kidneys are a pair of bean shaped organs , roughly the size of a large fist , located below the rib cage on either side of the spine. The main job of the kidneys is to clean the blood off the various poisonous waste products that form in daily life just like a vacuum […]

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